A New Road Map for Financial Independence:
Concepts that work


YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin (Penguin, $11.95). This New York Times bestseller presents a nine-step program for paying off debt, saving money and creating a low-consumption, high-fulfillment lifestyle.
Available at libraries and bookstores or through The Simple Living Network (see below).

TRANSFORMING YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEY AND ACHIEVING FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE, audiocassette/workbook course by Joe Dominguez. This home-study seminar includes six one-hour cassettes (recorded live) and a 120-page workbook; it is based on the same nine-step program as YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE. $60 postpaid from New Road Map Foundation, Dept. WW1, PO Box 15981, Seattle, WA 98115.


The following pamphlets and set of tapes put out by the New Road Map Foundation are available to buy from The Simple Living Network: http://slnet.com/webofsimplicity.htm 2. ALL-CONSUMING PASSION: WAKING UP FROM THE AMERICAN DREAM. Browse the online text of it here. A collection of fascinating statistics woven together to tell a story about our patterns of consumption and how they affect our per sonal lives and the planet.

3. HOW EARTH-FRIENDLY ARE YOU? A LIFESTYLE SELF-ASSESSMENT QUESTIONNAIRE. This booklet provides the opportunity to examine lifestyle choices in the context of personal values and planetary sustainability. Excellent for groups.

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