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If you live in the San Jose or Hollister, CA area:

Date: Sun, 9 Nov 1997
From: Anne M Wingfield (annewithe_at_juno.com)
We are new to California and looking for others in our area who are interested in voluntary simplicity. We are about 50 miles south of San Jose in Hollister. We are interested in anyone who shares an interest in vegetarian foods, home church, one-income living or anything else! Even one other person would be great. The support and feedback of choosing to live simply in our neighborhood of excess would be greatly appreciated. Plus if anyone wants to have an e-mail pen pal for support, I would love to hear from you.

Anne, Phillip, Erica, Tamarin & Tyler

A San Francisco sustainability web site:

Date: Sun, 9 Nov 1997
From: Kevin Shrieve (kevin_at_lumiere.net)

Readers of this list might enjoy a web site I'm just bringing online called Reinhabiting Home (at http://www.lumiere.net/home). It surrounds the text of the San Francisco Sustainability Plan with some good tools for community discussion.
Kevin Shrieve

For anyone battling clutter:

Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997
From: MHDHK_at_aol.com
Dear clutter people,
I would like to find a clutter chat-line or bulletin board. Know of any?
Marilyn D.

If you live in Michigan...:

We live near Frankenmuth and want to meet with like-minded individuals. EMAIL us at


/s/ Rod Merten
25 Aug. 97

If you live in or near New York or New Jersey:

I am very interested in voluntary simplicity and would like to talk with others in NY and NJ that are. I am fed up with everyone chasing after the "all-mighty dollar".
I am 22 and a college student in NJ. I would love to hear from other college students that feel as I do.

e-mail me at Gwendlyn_at_aol.com

21 Aug. 97

If you live in or near Tucson, AZ:

Voluntary Simplicity study circle forming. Tucson, Arizona area, most likely in early January 1997. No cost. Interested folks may reply to

katie at... kziegweid_at_pimacc.pima.edu

Query from a site visitor in Aberdeen, WA:

I am very interested in the voluntary or involuntary simplicity movement. I would like to share my experiences with others as well as exchange thoughts, ideas, collaborate (as co writers).

Downsizing may be a two way street and I would love us all to return to community based eco systems where neighbors, schools and the governing try to develop solutions and remove the monetary aspect. I was really disturbed by the last election spending. Why couldn't the 3+ billion be spent to feed the hungry and shelter the homeless? What are we doing as a society or is this all preordained and our species era may be drawing to a close anyway.

I have a feeling that the planet at 1 billion is sustainable but as we approach the 5-15 billion mark, we may see planetary changes as the world removes the problem itself. I am reminded of the drastic and unnecessary spraying of gypsy moths, when after the defoliation season, the forests produced an enzyme that killed only the excess catepillars withou any interference by man. When do we learn that we can not genetically engineeer our planet or other planets in our solar system. Maybe the native americans knew of catastrophic events that Europeans never lived through and this is why they felt that you leave the earth alone (also they didn't have a profit motive to drive them to kill for sale).

I hope to share more if there are others like myself out there and I hope to get connected with them very soon.

Ed Perotti... bj064_at_scn.org

"cheap way to live"

I own two acres of land. It has many trees all over it with a drive way through the middle. I have a 10-by-10 building sitting out back that I built. This building cost me less than 800 dollars to build. I heat it with a kerosene heater in the winter. I cool it by opeing the windows. My place cost me next to nothing until I can afford to build a home when I get out of college.

Marcus C. Breneman Live with Nature huh


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