"When you let go of trying to get more of what you don't really need, it frees up oceans of energy to make a difference with what you have." Lynne Twist

The goal of this web site is to reveal the alternatives to consumption (and consequent debt) that are a hidden part of modern culture. The goal is to show how we lose more than our money, the more "stuff" we buy.

Living Lightly...
...is based on an assumption that every human being has a right to an equal share of physical space on this planet, purely by virtue of being human. What follows from this is the motivation to consume only what is one's share, as a citizen in equal standing with all on the planet.

Accompanying this is an instinct, from one's own life experience, that standard of living (material wealth) is not the same as quality of life (how happy one is), and that one can therefore lessen one's material wealth while maintaining or increasing quality of life (and many have already done it).

Indeed, a World Bank study of all countries of the world comparing each country's standard of living to its quality of life, shows that there are a significant number of countries whose standard of living is less than that of the US but whose quality of life is equal to or greater than the US .

Living lightly is the juice one gets from knowing that real skill and creativity in life can be more accurately measured by how little one can consume and still genuinely enjoy life rather than by how much one can buy, use up, and throw away. Using ingenuity to fix something instead of replacing it gives a much greater sense of accomplishment than doing tedious or stressful paid work to replace it...

How would you know, for instance, if not just your country, but your lifestyle as well, were OVER-developed?

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